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Gun Accessory Professionals

We know all the most vital functions of today’s top-quality firearms, and we understand the need for quick, accurate, effortless execution. With our passion we enjoy combining a long history of experience in firearms with new innovation to make America’s armed forces, law enforcement, security, hunters and enthusiasts of tomorrow safer and more effective.

Contact us to find out more about our experienced craftsmen, process and developments. Get a glimpse of our work in the gallery and order our equipment to try for yourself.

Our team:

Jim Gooch
Owner, Craftsman, RD&T, Sales, Marketing.
Experience: USMC Veteran, Retired Delaware State Trooper, Firearms Instructor

Lori Gooch, RRT
Purchasing & Supply, Design Consultant
Experience: Retired Purchasing & Supply Director

Kiefer Gooch, DPT
Marketing Outreach Coordinator

Remy Gooch
Technical Support, Design, RD&T, Craftsman
Experience: USMC Veteran

Bryan Benini
Technical Support