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Carry your firearms and knives with the utmost safety and confidence. Diamond G Concepts, located in tax free Delaware, combines real world experience and expert craftsmanship to bring you the highest comfort and functionality in your combat accessories. See our collection of magazine pouches, gun holsters and knife sheaths for sale to find your own personal item.

Our holsters and sheaths maintain optimal usability, speed and control while being worn comfortably or discreetly concealed. Our team of craftsmen, who are trained in the USMC and law enforcement, are constantly developing our designs for the highest level of durability and versatility. Our accessories accommodate both standard and specialized firearms and blades for a wide variety of users. Many holsters and other accessories are freely adjustable to fit your unique grip and are available in numerous colors and styles.

For assistance in fitting your knife or firearm, our experienced team is happy to help. For more information, or to order your accessory, contact us, today.