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Custom Knife Sheaths

Keep your most trusted weapons secure and accessible with custom knife sheaths from Diamond G Concepts. Custom sheaths are designed and fitted specifically for your knife with your preferred style and uses in mind so each sheath fits perfectly to your favorite blade.
Each of our knife sheaths are designed by certified weapon specialists and hand-crafted to maximize speed, comfort and usability. Specially fitted designs and durable materials preserve the integrity of your blade and give you a snug, secure and versatile fit. Custom knife sheaths are made to optimize both resilience and flexibility, keeping your blade safe while allowing tactical, competitive or everyday use. Choose from subtle colors and sleek designs for easy concealment with your uniform, casual wardrobe or hunting apparel or show off your prized piece with your favorite colors or patterns as available.
Custom knife sheaths are made to endure years of use and blend seamlessly with your existing gear and style. Contact us to order a custom knife sheath for your favorite blades.
Please contact us to have a custom knife sheath made. We will need your knife to make a custom sheath.

Available with all the Kydex color and pattern choices listed in the other Kydex gear options