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PGW   AR-15 Grip Wrap (California wrap)
BLD-KT   Bleed Kit
CRH   Chest Rig Holster
18B   Concealment belt loop
DGT   Diamond G Tee
PMGD   Double Pistol Magazine Pouch
EDC   EDC Tray
FrogLube-CLP-Liquid   FrogLube CLP Liquid
FrogLube-CLP-Pump-Spray   FrogLube CLP liquid 8 oz pump
FrogLube-CLP-Paste-4oz-Jar   FrogLube CLP Paste - 4oz Jar
FrogLube-CLP-Paste-8oz-Jar   FrogLube CLP Paste - 8oz Jar
FrogLube-CLP-Wipes-   FrogLube CLP Wipes
FrogLube-Solvent-Pump-Spray   FrogLube Solvent Pump Spray - 8oz
GOmag   GO Magnets
HK-NC   Hardware Kit, Nylon belt clip
HK-SS   Hardware Kit, Spring steel belt clip
H-HD   HD (Heavy Duty) Holster
IWB   IWB Holster
PMGSIWB   IWB Single magazine pouch
MCW   Kydex money clip wallet
LW-TN-AS   Leather wings, pair with hardware tan
LW-BK-AS   Leather wings, pair with hardware, black
M4P   M-4-Pouch-Belt
M4M   M-4-Pouch-MOLLE
MWLB   Mod wing attachment
MWS   Mod wing standard
NBC   Nylon belt clip.
35L150   Pull over belt clip nylon 1.5"
35L175   Pull over belt clip nylon 1.75"
PMGS   Single Pistol Mag Pouch
CH   Snuff Can Holster
Spring-Steel-Belt-Clip   SSBC1.75
11B   Standard belt loop
19D   Standard belt loop short
H-STD   Standard Holster
UC-Stealth-Holster   UC Stealth Holster
UC-Stealth-Holster-lightlaser   UC Stealth Holster w/Light/Laser
UCSH   UC Stealth Horizontal Magazine Pouch
Ulticlip   Ulticlip
Ulticlip3   Ulticlip 3
UlticlipS2.2   Ulticlip Slim 2.2
UlticlipS3.3   Ulticlip Slim 3.3

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